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Ciuci (pronounced see-u-see) Consulting is a strategy and consumer intelligence company with strong technical expertise in strategy formulation, research, and human capital development.

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Massey Street Children’s Hospital (MSCH) created as the children’s referral hospital, is owned by the Lagos State government. It has a significant heritage as the birthplace of many prominent Lagosians. MSCH trained the first indigenous pediatricians in Nigeria, and has been providing child services for over 50 years.

MSCH has been a key component of the Lagos State strategy to meet the healthcare needs of children across the state.

Brief to Ciuci Consulting

Develop a strategic roadmap for MSCH to become an operationally efficient hospital with a focus on financial sustainability and provision of high quality care with clinical outcomes.

Remarks by Management Representative 

“Ciuci Consulting definitely has a stake in this continent and in Nigeria. At the beginning of our relationship, they voluntarily offered their services to MSCH because they had interest to contribute to the improvement of the quality of care that was offered to the children. They supported us for two years pro-bono. Who does that?!!”

Some of the tangible benefits of engaging Ciuci include:
• Relocation of the Emergency room to the ground floor from the first floor
• Acquisition of new equipment
• PPPs have been established with NGOs
• The introduction of a residency programme
• Improvement of the hospital’s clinical processes and use of hospital guidelines
• Renovation of parts of the hospital by the Lagos state government

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