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Write a thesis yourself: an example and a sample of the correct spelling of the FQP

From the first year, students wonder if it is difficult to write a diploma. Each teacher considers it his duty to say: "If you cannot write a control (essay, term paper), how will you write a diploma?" As a result, the final qualifying work - the most voluminous work of those that students write over the years of study - is surrounded by an aura of inaccessibility. Ofcource you can order it at https://editius.com/, but in fact, it is quite possible to write a thesis yourself - if you approach the process correctly.
The choice of the topic and the head of the final qualifying work
Before you start writing your thesis, you need to decide on the topic and the leader. Sample topics are usually given at the department, you can choose from a ready-made list or agree on changes, otherwise check out list of good topics at https://editius.com/essay-editing-service/ articles. There are two possible approaches at the preparatory stage:

First, choose a leader. This may be a teacher of the department, with whom you have developed the warmest relationships over the years of study, with whom it will be easier for you to reach mutual understanding. This may be a teacher whom you have heard good reviews from past alumni about as a leader. Some ambitious students try to get to the head of the department, but this choice is quite risky: the head of the department may simply not have enough time to carefully study your diploma. After the agreement on the attachment is reached, the topic should be formulated with the leader.
First choose a topic. The topic may be related to your practical activities (it is no secret that many senior students, even full-time education, work in their specialty, and among correspondence students this is widespread everywhere) or simply interest you very much. Then the leader will have to choose from those in the sphere of whose scientific interests this topic falls.

For example, if your degree in computer science will be about accounting automation, it is inappropriate to negotiate guidance with a teacher who specializes in low-level programming. Likewise, if you are a philologist and want to concentrate on slang in today's Internet communication, a Silver Age poetry specialist is unlikely to be a useful mentor.

It is very important who conducts the thesis. Even with help of https://editius.com/resume-proofreading/ there is chance that you fail. If the leader is not versed in the topic or is simply unscrupulous, you will have to write the FQP yourself, and if the topic is interesting to him and he is ready to delve into the work, you will receive serious support and a competent guide in the scientific world.

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