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Essay Conclusion

What is conclusion?
            A conclusion is one of the most important parts of every essay, written as one paragraph whose goal is to sum up the most important information from the essay. More often than not, the conclusion reflects and organizes the information presented through the topic sentences. In the conclusion the writer restates the thesis and reformulates the data presented throughout the essay. The conclusion is like the final look at the facts and information, which are built logically and used to lead the reader to the main conclusion. There is no set structure for the conclusion and it can be structured, based on the uniqueness and content of the essay. However, all essays must have a conclusion paragraph, without which even the best essay loses its meaning.
How to write a good conclusion? Below you will find advice from the Proofread My Paper Company.
In order to create a good essay conclusion, it is important for writers:
-          To review the thesis statement on https://paperhelpwriting.com/, the topic sentences, and the main points of the paper;
-          Summarize these points in ways that reflect upon and build on the thesis statement;
-          Include the writer’s viewpoint on the topic/ issue;
-          Finish the paper with a sentence that is strong and convincing and leaves no room for arguments.
Is the conclusion used to summarize the paper?
            In order to make the argument more convincing, the writer can also add some emotional information/ factors to the main points. These emotional factors may include:
-          A sentence that emphasizes the importance of the essay and its topic;
-          A sentence that provides unexpected information or turns the discussion in an unexpected direction;
-          A sentence that asks the reader to act;
-          A sentence that provokes philosophic analysis and thinking.
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