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Developing BYOD Culture for Small and Medium Enterprises and its Benefits
BYOD – bring your own device is an answer to SMEs’ concern for cost constraints while implementing mobility solutions. It is estimated that across the globe almost 89% of all organizational IT departments support BYOD.
Sectors who have adopted this new way of business earlier than others include financial services, hospitality, media and entertainment and infrastructure. These sectors are followed by manufacturing, retail and healthcare.
Let us have look into why BYOD culture can be a much-needed boost to SMEs mobility solutions needs.
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How BYOD Works as the Best Mobility Solutions for SMEs
One of the greatest advantages that SMEs have over large enterprises is that they can actually take decisions quicker and implement them too right away. The strategies and policies required to be charted out for small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service can yield immense competitive advantages to SMEs.
The first thing that BYOD does to your organization is reducing support costs for mobile devices and increasing employee productivity in custom software development https://jatapp.com/. It also makes you gain greater visibility into network usage. It eliminates the need for the companies to pay up-front to their employees for mobile devices.
A partnership with a technology company such as Space-O can bring about effective and yet simple mobile device management for mobility solutions for SMEs.
Challenges while Implementing BYOD for SMEs Mobility Solutions
While BYOD culture in small and medium enterprises is catching up, it is not sans challenges. Ranging from device management to network management the path is fraught with myriads of issues. Following are some of the major challenges:

Robust and secure network to support the different types of devices
Smooth connectivity to facilitate employees and customers
Integration of wireless network with wired infrastructure
Centralize the control of BYOD mobility solutions for SMEs
A sharp and sensible corporate policy for SMEs mobility solutions that can cater to the needs of employees and customers

Features and Benefits of BYOD for Small and Medium Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Service
BYOD mobility solutions come with many unique features such as strong security controls, remote protection, data encryption etc. As such solutions have a remote device life cycle management provision; they can be maintained and supported from a central location.
Space-O provides mobility architecture, mobility device management, mobile application management, and it services and solutions to small and medium size enterprises. When you work with a technology partner like Space-O, expect following benefits:

Small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service enhance employee communication
Increases productivity, flexibility and mobility of employees as well as end users
Increases number of customer channels
Mobility solutions for SMEs also make it possible for customers to conduct a location-based search
SMEs mobility solutions enable you to deliver rich media content in real time
It also means lower costs for device acquisition and support, user training and technology research
SMEs can save costs based on price per user than the traditional expenses of per device
BYOD generates a greater sense of belonging and ownership among employees and motivate them to work to the best of their abilities.

How Converting Excel Credit Card PayOff Calculator to Mobile App Can Help Banks as well as Borrowers?
According, in 2019, there were more than 609.8 million credit card holders in U.S. in the year of 2019. The average credit card debt per household is $15,956.
This debt increases with the years. This inspite of the fact that financial institutions do provide consumers credit card debt payoff calculators based on Microsoft Excel. This then ideally should lead financial institutions to introspect.
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It is unequivocal that Microsoft Excel-based calculators has played a significant role in setting-up calculation tools from  it development company weblink for financial institutions so far. However, as per the data of credit card debt, it seems that the idea to make consumers aware of their debt has not worked well and financial institutions continuously make money out of people’s bad judgment and misery.
Wouldn’t you rather want to make “good money” out of people’s informed choices and trust for you? To convert excel into application is one of the methods to implement this idea. As mobile applications are creating history in all walks of life, it is the best opportunity for financial institutions to cash in on the immense possibilities of mobile applications.
Some reasons why excel-based credit card payoff calculator is not a good idea
While you set up the calculator based on Microsoft Excel, you need to employ staff to regularly update it and maintain it. This inevitably results into costs. Moreover, getting credit card payoff calculator based on Microsoft Excel requires manual entries and formulas. This means chances of errors are enormous. In short, it is costlier and more laborious.
Mobile applications make the process of calculating credit card debt automatic. Even if the end user makes mistakes in calculations, she can erase it easily.
Mobile application to calculate credit card payoff does not require your end user to remember complex formulas of Excel. This widens the reach of your institution.
Why financial institutions need to convert Excel to Credit Card PayOff Calculator Application?
Being a righteous financial institution, you can initiate an effective campaign to make your consumers aware how much money they end up wasting on avoidable debt or late payments on their credit card purchases.
This campaign will be much more effective when you introduce customized mobile applications for them. These applications from  software application developmenthttps://jatapp.com/services/application-development/ make them on top of their credit card payments. This wins them over and earns you loyal customer base.
Are you wondering why you would do that if you are getting money out of late payment or debt payments? Wouldn’t it mean loss of revenues for you?
The answer is simple NO.
While you provide free of charge mobile applications to your customers, you can monetize them by employing following strategies:

Introduce freemium or In-App purchase feature in your applications
Establish a add network business

Benefits of Credit Card Repayment Calculator App:Once you decide to introduce mobile applications for your credit card consumers and monetize them too, you should approach a technology partner like Space-O. When applications created by such company, your consumers would have following benefits:

Each recent purchase and transaction becomes accessible
Direct online credit card payments avoiding late payments
Facility to redeem rewards if any are available on cards
Automated alerts to remind users to make payments, informing transactions etc.
Consumers can also plan their purchases by calculating how much debt they would incur on a specific transaction

These are some of the benefits to convert Excel into application and introduce advanced and user-friendly mobile applications to your consumers.
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