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Radio You Listen To Now  


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21/09/2021 4:08 am  

As a child you always heard the same stories over; "The Civil War, Batman, Superheroes, Vietnam, and the Secret Wars!" All of these things are still the same with the exception of the names. You still hear the same stories told over again. The very concept of a newspaper is unknown to most people and even those who grew up with them probably know that they come from newspaper and radio and not TV or even the Internet.

Television may come and go and become obsolete or become the wave of the future but one thing is for sure it will never be replaced by something like radio or television. What started out as just a medium to broadcast music has evolved into a world we know now as entertainment. We watch shows and videos on our various devices and we enjoy having radio shows that are just as entertaining. The idea of watching a video in your ear and not having to carry around a large box of materials just doesn't make much sense. Radio and comics fanatics have tried time again to bring audio to television and failed continually.

The rise of the X-Men, Spider-Man, and Batman has helped create a new sub-culture that is recognized all over the world. One of the biggest things about the X-Men and the comic book industry is that it took a medium that was easily dismissed as "just another kid's toy" and made it into something that is respected by the critics and the audience. Once kids and adults realize that there is more to the superhero genre than a bunch of guys beating each other into a pulp, then the industry will never be the same. Radio you listen to now has become very important to our way of life and the pop culture vultures will always find a way to steal the show.





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Joined: 10 months ago
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19/10/2021 4:56 am  

it so very good 

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Joined: 6 months ago
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26/02/2022 2:13 pm  

I don't listen the radio
But my husband is truck driver and he really like listen to the national radio 0.98

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Joined: 6 months ago
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02/03/2022 6:46 pm  

I listen the radio almost every day


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