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Ciuci (pronounced see-u-see) Consulting is a strategy and consumer intelligence company with strong technical expertise in strategy formulation, research, and human capital development.

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Social innovation is any idea or business that seeks to improve the lives or living conditions of its surrounding environment. It is a popular concept that has triggered organizations to think of how best to implement their own ideas and have the desired impact. It has...

There are 91 registered political parties in Nigeria with no clear ideologies making it difficult for the electorate to differentiate between the parties and what they stand for. In many other countries, political parties are differentiated by their distinct ideologies, which have led to increased...

The word brand is an adaptation of the original Old Norse word “brandr” meaning an identifying mark on livestock done with a heated iron rod. Back then, these “brandrs” were the only way owners could identify their livestock from others[1]. In other words, brands were...

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